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It works great! only problem is that the plastic seperated from the mouth piece on the top and same on the bottom after 4 months of I may need to buy another, getting quite expensive

By Clarence A Friend Jr On September 2, 2018

Alright, it’s been about 2 months now, so I figured I would give my last review. After using the OTC product up to now I have this to say. Hands down it does the job! I am fully able to return to the family bedroom now and I have no fear of waking anyone up. Now, the only fear I have is falling asleep while reading to my little girl and forgetting to put my OTC in. If only they hand litttle robotic hands that would crawl into my mouth at nice. However, it’s not all positive for me. I’m a pretty big guy and I have a bad tendency of clenching my teeth at nite. On the plus side side, having a piece in my mouth like this is great as it allows me to both open my mouth and clench without fear of hurting my teeth, but I am on my second OTC now and the plastic is already starting to break off. I may need to see about getting the prescription device if this keeps up. I actually bought two devices my last time around, so it if it happens a third time I will have to go in for the prescription. I still hold by all of my earlier statements, this is the best Anti Snoring Device I have ever tried, and my only hope is that they can continue to make it better. It’s the only one that has worked for me so Im pretty much a dedicated fan. There is no other product on the market that is like it. They basically got it cornered as far as I’m concerned.

By Louie Burks On August 25, 2018

This is my day 2 review. It was not a fluke, the OTC really works. The bottom mold is a little bit looser than the night before, but it is still secure in my mouth and does’t come off at all. The wings keep my jaw forward as they should even with my mouth open. I slept so soundly, and again my when my wife came downstairs with our little one she assured me that I wasn’t snoring at all. I did notice a little soreness from my gums on my lower jaw, but nothing from my top. I suspect it’s because i didn’t get as good a mold on my lower mouth as I did on on the top. It was my mistake as I still had the cam in the center when I did the mold. I should have moved it to the back, which is where I have it now when I sleep. It keeps my jaw comfortable forward. So, note to file, follow the directions to the T when you mold the device. But still, I am amazed at how I feel after a good nights sleep. Two days in a row, I can’t remember the last time I felt this...awake! Thank you NUSleep, finally a product that got it right!!!

By Louie Burks On June 4, 2018

I have used the zen Sleep, the Good Morning Sleep system, the SnoreRX, nasal strips, nasal dilatory, other tongue suspension devices, even a prescription snore guard from my dentist, and in all cases there has been one constant, they fall out. Actually, certain ones that involve molding and boiling actually cut up and tear up my gums. Now I bought the NuSleep OTC about a year ago but didn’t try it. It looked to me like another mouth piece gimmick and I decided to hold off until I gave the good morning sleep system a try. After a few months of that I finally gave up after waking up yet another night with the piece smiling at me from my bedside pillow next to me. The molding process on the OTC is a little complicated at first, but once you do it, you realize it’s actually not bad at all. The mold is not a loose mold. It fits securely, and it doesn’t cut my gums at all. There is some excess, but cutting it off wasn’t a bother. But beyond all that. I wore it last night for the first time...and my god it was like the first good nights sleep I’ve had in ages. I slept in until noon. My teeth was super sore, but that’s common after trying a new mouth piece for the first time. My wife was up since 6am with our little one. I asked her if I was a snoring, and she was actually surprised I wasn’t. I have to sleep in my own room because of how bad I snore. And I snore really bad. But last night, not a peep. I’m still a little nervous about the screws on the side. I wish they were connected in such a way that they won’t come off. But so far, this is the only device I have used that works. And that is saying a lot coming from me! I have tried so many I almost lost hope.

By Louie Burks On June 3, 2018

I have tried other anti-snoring oral devices and this product is superior to the others I have tried. The last device was a single fixed unit that would not adjust as I slept. As my mouth would open in my sleep, the device would stay fixed on either the top or bottom teeth causing my jaw to slip back to its natural position. Not only would I not get a good nights sleep, but it annoyed my wife. AND we all know, happy wife, happy life. This device is 2 separate pieces, which is the genius behind it. This allows me to open my mouth and still keeps my jaw in the correct position to prevent snoring. The molding is far superior to the other devices I have used and fits snug without falling off. Thank you so much for creating a device that is a dependable product. I always hated wearing a mask and this means I don't have to ever go back.

By Oz On March 23, 2018

The NuSleep OTC Device has helped me keep my job, has probably saved my life, and has definitely saved my marriage! I’ve been using the NuSleep OTC Device for a little more than a year now, am completely satisfied, cannot say enough good things about it and would recommend it to ANYONE who snores! Prior to using the device, I snored terribly and was getting very poor quality of sleep. I would frequently move from bed (often at my wife’s insistence – even though she wore earplugs and slept with a pillow over her head) to a recliner so that I was more upright allowing for a few periods of continuous sleep. Regardless, I was constantly exhausted. Family time was nonexistent because every time I would sit on the couch to watch TV, I would instantly fall asleep annoying everyone in the house with my snoring. And the lack of sleep was negatively affecting my work performance. Quite often, I would fall asleep at my desk, while on conference calls and sometimes even in business meetings. Even more concerning was that I was constantly fighting dozing off during my commute back and forth to work! One time during an “Extended Blink” at a red light, I rolled into the car ahead of me. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and fortunately changed my life for the better! That day, I found the NuSleep OTC web page and my life was changed dramatically for the better ever since. My first night sleeping with the device was the first restful night of sleep I could remember in years! Within a week, my wife stopped sleeping with earplugs and a pillow over her head. My performance at work improved dramatically, I was no longer falling asleep at the wheel, and I had energy in the evenings to play with the kids, and the dogs, and most surprising, was able to watch a TV show or movie without instantly dozing off. When properly fitted, the device is very comfortable and unobtrusive! Prior to my purchase of the NuSleep Device, I tried other less expensive devices and couldn’t keep them in my mouth without gagging. Not a problem with the NuSleep device! With the help of the available videos, and a little patience, I was able to properly mold the device to be comfortable and to not fall out of my mouth. At one point a had a minor problem with the plastic used in the device but Dr. Hamburg replied to my request for help almost immediately and fully stood behind his product. The NuSleep OTC Device has been life-changing for me. I cannot thank Dr. Hamburg enough for creating this product!

By Mr Bill On December 11, 2017

I have been using NuSleep for six months and not only has my snoring subsided, but I have had the additional bonus of a better quality sleep. I am very satisfied with this product. I have even had to have a piece replaced recently and Doctor Hamburg stood behind his product and even replaced it at no cost to me. I highly recommend this product and will not hesitate to purchase another down the road when I need to.I have done a lot of research on sleep mouthpieces and by far Dr.Hamburg’s product is as good as you can get other than going to a specialist and paying thousands of dollars for a similar mechanism. Thank you Dr. Hamburg for this excellent product.

By Kevin Vollero On November 20, 2017

Haven't got received mine yet,been 12 days so can't give a review. Send emails but no one responds, nice company!!

By Clarence Friend On September 19, 2017

this is awesome product!

By Agha Mirza On August 7, 2017

Wow! Finally! Somebody made a product that actually works! I've enjoyed using it since Feb 2017. Dr. Hamburg zeroed in on the one thing that the other mouthpieces don't take into account (and I've tried two others), which is, the jaw muscles relax while sleeping and allow the jaw to drop open. Dr. Hamburg's separate two-piece design allows for the jaw to drop open while still pushing the lower jaw forward. And, since the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, the tongue moves forward, too, which opens up the airway to the throat. I sleep better. I can feel more air going down my throat, and, my snoring has nearly stopped. I am a thin man, 5'9" tall, 140lbs., and snored louder than the trains going by my country home. So, for me, weight is not an issue, which seems to be the number one factor that most "professionals" attribute to snoring. Dr. Hamburg has chosen the correct plastic to create his appliance. The plastic actually wraps around, and partially into the spaces in between, each tooth creating a tight grip to the upper and lower teeth. This mouthpiece will not fall out when the jaw relaxes. My mouthpiece is very snug and comfortable. Plus, I can adjust how far forward I want my lower jaw to protrude. Dr. Hamburg is very attentive to his customers. He contacted me personally when I had a small issue with my mouthpiece. He is very polite, caring, and concerned that his appliance is working well and that my sleeping has improved. Thanks, Doc!

By Steven Budd On August 6, 2017
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