Relief for Snoring and Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea can be a life-threatening disease, and while undiagnosed in most, sufferers of sleep apnea have long been forced to seek treatment by utilizing uncomfortable masks, loud machines, or combinations of both. Common alternatives to the CPAP Mask can be expensive, ineffective, or equally disruptive--leaving users remaining sleepless and fatigued, which inevitably perpetuate the sleep apnea cycle and sometimes aggravates it. Fortunately, Dr. Hamburg has a safe, comfortable, and cost-effective solution: NuSleep.

A Comfortable, Effective Oral Appliance

Sleep apnea and snoring, among other inhibitive sleep disorders, occur when airflow is restricted through thenasal passageway. NuSleep is a revolutionary oral appliance designed to keep the airways open during sleep, by moving your jaw forward and allowing you to breathe normally throughout the night.

The NuSleep device consists of two separate appliances, an upper and lower piece, which do not lock together like other oral appliances. This keeps normal activities such as swallowing, speaking, and yawning, unrestricted and easy to manage even while wearing the device. NuSleep is custom fit to your own mouth to ensure the most comfortable experience for each user, and actually reduces stress and tension on the jaw.

To find out more about the NuSleep device, please watch the above video or contact us at our office. Our staff will take an impression of your teeth and measure the movement of your jaw. We contact your insurance company to verify coverage and if approved we will manufacture the appliance to your specification.

The NuSleep Advantage

The device utilizes a dual laminate plastic shell that allows for flexibility around the teeth. The internal layer softer enabling a snug but cushioned grip around the teeth. The wings of this device are designed to flex as it meets contact with apposing cam. This reduces the forces on the jaw.

The active surface on the wings are designed to emulate the bodies Glenoid Fossa. This is the region in the skull that the TMJ joint resides. The rate of advancement of our jaw changes depending on its position in the fossa. The same is true of the Nusleep device. The reduces the stress on the jaw. All of the current "dorsal wing" appliances make contact in a linear fashion.

The Inter Occlusial distance between the molars at rest is 2mm. It is important not to significantly increase this space or the TMJ muscles will either become fatigued or create a new bite that changes the way the teeth meet when you chew. Many of the hard plastic retainers suffer from this.

Movement of the lower jar forward will help to stabilize the tongue so as not to block the oral pharynx airway. As the jaw moves into this position the forces on the jaw and the TMJ become most apparent. The more comfortable a device and the less restrictive its design, the more likely a patient can be placed in the most effective position.

Normally our body will adjust throughout the night, rolling from one shoulder to the other, opening our mouth to yawn or to reduce the pressure on the teeth. Any device that limits these activities will be less effective.

Also increasing vertical dimension of the device can be as important as horizontal positioning. In some patients as the lower jaw moves forward the space between the front teeth needs to be increased as well.

Most people do not immediately fall asleep upon getting into bed. Many will talked to their spouse or get up to get a drink of water. The more a device allows for such activities the more likely it will be used for the life of the patient.

Covered by Most Insurance Plans

While some insurance companies require a CPAP trial prior to inquiring about the NuSleep device, we will make every effort to see that yours will provide you with the appropriate treatment. If we are out of network, we can offer an affordable payment plan. To learn more, please visit our insurance and payment page.

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